The Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour is Coming to the States?

Rumor has it that it could be....I certainly hope so. Episodes 1 and 2 premiered on Action TV Friday, July 22 for Canadian viewers. The long-anticipated Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour was rolled out with impressive exposure and interest on social media.

The show's principal writers and actors, Mike Smith, Robb Wells and J.P. Tremblay, are becoming known by many in the U.S. as The Trailer Park Boys.  I was introduced to the first episode of Trailer Park Boys last March on Netflix, and I was instantly hooked. I felt as excited as when I heard Pink Moon by Nick Drake for the first time. What a buzzkill to learn he’d been dead for over 20 years. I’m one of those people, continually fixed on the horizon; chasing the buzz your brain rewards novel experience, especially when it’s something extraordinarily good. 
After realizing that the TPB series had run for seven years under our radar, ending in 2007, Jason and I paced episodes on Netflix, savoring them like a bottle of good wine, a sip at a time. I’ll muse on our love for Ricky, Julian and Bubs some other time, because the Drunk and on Drugs Happy Funtime Hour is finally here and is so good we might not have to keep watching TPB reruns over and over, at least for a while. 
The chemistry between Smith, Wells and Tremblay is amazing as ever.  The writing and supporting cast is excellent. Even the music is enchanting, as was the TPB theme, so props to Mike Smith and Blaine Morris on that score. I am most impressed by the fact that the boys have not taken an easy, predictable path here; they have developed a smart, fresh, phantasmagorical storyline and characters that can be developed over time, hopefully outside Season One and far beyond. Yep. I'm down the rabbit hole with the Boys again!
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U.S. viewers and others: Americans NEED The Drunk and On Drugs Happy Funtime Hour to Air has information on how to contact U.S. media outlets that might be interested in airing DAOD if we can convince them that there's enough interest in the show. Be persuasive, but please also be polite. After you've done that, visit Watching DAOD for Non-Canadians to learn about short-term options U.S. viewers.